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Friday, 13 May 2011

One moment
“The hardest thing, or rather the most intimidating thing, the greatest monument for every human being to conquer is taking the first step.”
                                                                                                                                                                SC Dunn…
I may not know the depth of this proverb or saying, in depth but I know that for me putting it down on paper it is of a peculiar significance. I thought about it in a place where not so many people choose to see the life that hovers all around the busyness of the city and the virtue of just standing still and listening.  A place that we all know and look past and seldom into…  Johannesburg,  sitting at the  core of where yours and my history lies, my thought today is well provoked by this place.
A ku khanyi (there is no light)
“With my eyes open, I have welcomed today and it is only now that I realize that even if a new day has come, it still begins in darkness.  The midnight hour that sirens the breaking of yesterday and the present day is still one with the hour that brings the break if dawn in today and all that stands now is that it is before me.  There, in the midst of the acknowledgment, comes a moment where desperation to be free of that time pulls into your mind and with it making a camp site at the forefront of your conscious self you forget that dawn is a couple of fighting hours away.”
How is it that we can know something and know it so well yet still question it for all its worth?  It is an amazing feeling knowing that things are going the way that they should be, in accordance of course, to what it is you believe is right, believing in God or the Universe or whatsoever it is that your specific creed or culture promotes as right.  The choices we make, the decisions we make all boil down to what we believe. However though, outside of all of the things mentioned above, we all marvel at the awesomeness of life that is equally matched to the unimaginable things that happen to anyone but everyone in our everyday life.  We do this for the so called “explosive” moments in our lives but we seldom take the rime to look left or right to what is happening immediately around us and for another moment, our own walk in this world, our God intended path eludes us. Today I chose to look at Jozi city (Johannesburg)
This city with its entire self –centered entrepreneurial ability is so full of life, full of adventure, full of wonder as the ambitions of many are trialed and tested for survival.  The weak come back for more on a different day with a different idea because of the knowledge that everything in this city SELLS.  The strong come back to the comfort of their stalls only for the calculations of profits and new exploits to those they hire with no education.  Like any other city ours too has criminals and yet still it is such an inviting place to learn more about yourself.  Personally, I have taken the honor of humility and the persisting realization of dreams from Jozi city.
This moment has allowed me to view the spectrum of thought that we all think out of.  No matter when in the day the busyness of the people that roam this place occurs, Johannesburg has remained the tree of life that all initiatives that are of this place.  It is the cesspool of some money making activities and too the inhibitor of free will. This moment brings back to mind a question that I have had for years: “If the mind is what makes the heart work and the heart is what keeps the mind going, who controls who?”
It is just like Johannesburg to provoke thought I just decided to share my moment.