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Monday, 14 May 2012

7 deadly sins by Lakai Saadiq

  • ~7 deadly sins~

    Darkness frustrates enlightened kinds,
    who find the world untamed in peacefull

    A shit whole were we sometimes digest our insane selelaqies.
    Our insensitivities,
    And how we decide to scramble our Celabesy.
    Lets get down to the basics, find the source of the matrix, we bound to be athiest ever since god turned racist.

    See, evil thoughts, lies, under stood figured speeches of sin city.
    For, God has remained whiter than jesus in the books of rely genes, i shall love the way i hate the heavens.

    For, I was once an angel in this sky and she was an angel within lies.
    Here mame, Medusa,
    With a proud look of hatred towards mortal man and a heart that devises with plots.
    I found myself opening her pandoras box.

    As she stairs into my eyes tearing apart the current state of poetry, freezing my body to stone as if i was combing my mind for my thoughts to lock, hands glasped together to better our gluttony, drunked of the wine. We travelled through eternity in a blink of an eye. Her decieteful tounge composing ingredients for my food of thought... But my hands have been tied to the back of yesterday.

    Seven sins cannot change the facts of our existence in seven days.

    I found us counting to 7...

    That 1. Night stand with the girl i lusted for, became the last i ever thought of when you had, 2. Condoms i could trust without a choice, perharps greed would let me have a 3. Sum or lovers plus in this vanity.
    Bt what does it meta 4, because anger management was controlled by myself when i sloth wrath out of food with a cup of 5. Roses. So I've envied love, for it has exposed a quarter of 6. Million was to die under management of this 7. Deadly sins.