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Monday, 9 April 2012


We are what we are because of who we are, who and what we will be lies dormant in the words and actions that create a sense of being in all of us.  The future is moulded in those thoughts that we see as insignificant and futile to a prosperous step forward, a better life and peace in mind.

I heard words that I never thought a man could ever hear in his entire life.  These words are the kind that woman expect on a daily basis or at any moment that you are with them in a clothing store trying  on new outfits, these words are a prerequisite to waking up next to her even when she has a flu, with swollen eyes, rosy cheeks and a tomato looking nose. Woman from far and wide want to hear them, but this time around they were said to me, so I decided to look within and find what they mean to a man and mostly why they would be directed to me this time around.  All I found was a reflection.  I found that the character I have has been complemented by a number of people that I meet and spend time with, some of which have made a difference in my life and I too theirs in the same light.  I found that to some of these people I did not know that some sort of light was being emitted from and by the little effort I gave to them and what I had helped them with, for some it went as far as me just being present and being active in their space.  I probed my mind deeper and deeper the morning I heard these words, taken a back, the awe I felt was like no other emotion in amazement I had ever felt.

Speech is not speech unless it be directed to a form of communication, which begs the atonement words find when emotions seek to address spirits, which lie in all of mankind, words seek to evoke reaction from recipients and fill the well of the deliverers lips with an adequate flow.  The burrow it spawns from is from the shell of intentions needing not to be justified because of them being upright and true as they are from the hearts core, which have erupted to the surface of mouths creation, unrestricted they have torn open a few centimeters calling them lips to mould the very source of words existence.  An unusual sound delivered to my ears is reconstructed so it can be assimilated in my mind, deposit what is necessary to my conscious so I would understand these words presented to me. My nature has been introduced to an amazing aura and it is all because of what I was told I am.

At this point, I have felt everything that can be felt by these words.  It sounded like a prayer hearing them again and again in my mind; humility rose and claimed my expression before I could say anything when I was told I am beautiful.