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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Conversations With Myself

I figure God knows what He is doing in and for my life right now. Over thinking, burning with anxiety, worn with worry, high on depression, feeding negativity, welcoming headaches and heartache, losing my vision without a Will to suppress it all. This is where I am right now.

Who am I?

When you stop having bags under your eyes and what you remember last from your lips is a slurp of water to a dying sensation of words from them. We stand dead from excitement once we have knowledge of our experiences, daily surviving thoughts that consume our well being, what more do we know beyond the thought of tomorrow. Striped with the very hurt that consumes our hearts for what we could have done better lying only in our imagination because reality in our view proves to be the better orchestrated conversation for our lives. We are conscious in our subconscious, in limbo for a bled out conscience seeing no mood fit to be reflected by this body. The spirit stands at bay, airily speaking, making means to get back in, to lead, to go before me to the Almighty.