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Monday, 22 September 2014

I Miss You

How and where do I even begin... I have to try establish if this is a feeling, a thought or an emotion, but what of it is all of them in one? A FEE-THOUGH-TION. Yes, I think I'll  call it that. In my head lies fragments of the last moment I saw you and even those are brought alive by the convulsions of my center, contracting and releasing at a pace that lets me know, I miss you.

I could hear a thousand words when I wake but everything sounds hollow before you say good morning to me.  Nothing defibrillates the long strayed withdraw that shies from interaction, disregarding tacid agreements that string fluids along. Yes, fluids rushing through to extremities voluntary and involuntary calling for expression far beyond my own will. Thoughts of a bit of me missing are what make me lie awake at night, because it was in creation you were extracted from my greatest dream put asleep in Adam.  Now, from that word alone room was long prepared for you in my heart and in my present it survives only by the stimulation in the emotion you make me bleed out for a prayed for future.

I miss the look in your eye when you catch me staring at you. The very look that decends a smile to your lips when you shy away, allowing the pit deep butterflies to ascend and fly freely in my stomach. I Must Insist Saving Siyabonga, Yearnings Outline Unity, I could break it down for my own sanity but the fact remailns, I miss you.

Tonight, I lay staring at an imagined dream catcher hoping that these last thoughts in my day come alive in my minds theatre on a show called Sleep.  You are the main act and until the joy of presence sees me fit of your embrace I dream.  I miss you deeply.