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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Reason

Each and every day we search the mass that is our thoughts, filled with anxiety, pain, happiness and confusion; so that we may try define what it is that drives us.  This pursuit that we as a journey to discovery can only, to me, is one.  We are trying to find meaning to all that exists within us, in our surroundings and that which would live on without us.

Today, a shimmer of the suns extensions caught my face in a peaceful state and interrupted the joy that was only a few hours old, I woke and could not return to the humbled nature that was of that moment I slept and my day had begun.  In its abrupt beginning, my thoughts stood still when they reached the question why.  In my knowledge of never getting the answer to this question I pleaded by my sanity for my thoughts to progress to another.  In managing to move on, what now consumed me was the reason of it all happening.  The reason to us humans sleeping as the most content specie and waking up in the thought of being the least of the least.  The reason to the separation that stands between cultures and creeds yet the origin sees us all alike, human. The reason to put in the effort so that one acknowledged not for what they are but for what they are worth, which unknown if only defined by that scale which all man is not privileged to.  The one reason to keep on living just as you and I know days to be, recurring.

A thousand faces cross yours daily, each with at least a million thoughts in mind and each of them is in search of the very reason that you are in search of.  It may not be presented as it is in your own mind or be of the same magnitude let along the same nature, but what we find at the forefront of it all is that we are all seeking that one reason that makes us all…  I stood amidst the consultation of emotion my mind had with my heart, I heard secretes far beyond my knowledge that now stand within my reach, the understanding of which came far with words being few in between.  This conversation spawn’s soliloquy as I listen to the fine-tuned frequency my inner being is emitting to my soul.  I may be closer than what I think to finding the reason that I seek, so all I can do is stand steadfast in what I believe and pray that the Lord grants me the spirit of Hope.

There stands one absolute force that concludes all the questions that may be in any form they arise.  It stood far beyond our birth and far beyond the thought of our existence conceived. This force known as God in my heart is my only reason.