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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The privilege of calling you Father

Thinking about tens and thousands of children in the world that have not experienced or rather, that have not felt the presence if this figure, wakes me up every night with bleeding thoughts of what is wrong about some men in this world.
In a world today of vast imaginings, today, who better than your own father is suited to be your role model.  I stand today as one of the other handful that was graced with the privilege of having a father, Gregory Jobi Dunn.  God, being the infinite He is, decided to relieve my father from his completed task on earth 10 years ago.  I was only 12.  All I have in my mind is a word of thanks for what brief input he had for an everlasting impact he had in my life.  This memory serves as a replication of what great man he was when I see his reflection every time I look into my own heart.  But mercy takes a different path for all in mankind.  Parents get separated in divorces for reasons that are too great for us to sometimes understand.  Some, consumed by lust, feel that they should only donate their seed and disappear like the morning due at in mornings light not even wanting the responsibility of the life they helped bring into the world. And for some people, death resides unexpectedly.  We find people in the world that are not so fortunate and are infertile yet still have the power to adopt kids, so in turn another child is saved, but there are still more that need to be sheltered under a fortress of a FATHER.
I really do not know if I would be speaking any different if my father was around but what I do know now is how I feel about this subject.  I think that some men do not realize that the presence of father has the power to breed or motivate a character in a child, or another adult for that matter, more than what a self-help book, a motivation book and speaker, a single mother and friends could give.  Being firm and assertive made easier by seeing it in the household, setting goals, prioritizing, protecting your own, taking responsibility, the list could go on, but these are a few traits that I know one can pick up from a father figure.  With no school needed, a child can learn these traits from a father.  
I believe, outside of the destiny that we’ve all been given, there are a lot of children right now that are in the wrong places, in the wrong dealings with people of an explicit nature, children that have lost their ambition in life, children that have been deprived of another virtue greater than wealth, having a stronghold that they can call father.  We all need to account for the things that we are responsible for but as men we have a greater responsibility in life. In or out of wedlock, that child is yours.
I know because of what I received from my own father that expression goes beyond impression.
 “I would find him staring at me from a distance and wouldn’t notice that I could see his reflection on the window, see his shadow and feel his presence in and all around me.  I would be hurt physically or emotionally, with my little broken heart I would find his comforting voice saying “tigers don’t cry.”  His comparison of me to a distinctive creature means he knows my being, humble yet powerful.  Gregory you make me happy, you give me everything, you keep on encouraging me, and I hold you close to my heart.  Thank God you did not pass by but pass on, knowledge.  You are my father, my confidante.  Thank you Daddy”

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