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Thursday, 22 March 2012


All day every day on some days, I sit and wonder. My ponder today had my conscious self convinced that time is an emotion. How it is an emotion as many would ask? Sit and really think about what I think about it all.

The last time I read something about time I felt a stir inside that I could not define. I then thought that if it is not defined it must be as great as the greatest of all emotions, love. It is all around us, in us and no matter how much you do not know about it or miss the opportunity to be with it, it still embraces you and it stays just to its cause of existence. Look inside of you and there are two things that live and will be there long after you have decided to let go. Love and time. Once again look a little bit deeper and see the relation between the two. Time exists to let love know about its maturity Love exists to let time know the virtue of its grooming capability. Time will ridicule love and make one forget what they felt at a point in life about someone, and love will do just that too to epitomize its texture even in minds that have forgotten their own names, why do you think we fall madly in Love? The relation is so monumental we will question it for ages to come. As we know them to exist hand in hand, the expression is substantiated by generations giving eulogies about how we find good love in good time.

We stare at our watches while peering over the next car in traffic, getting frustrated about being late when we took off in TIME. What you feel there and then is not frustration or bitterness towards the license department for issuing so many people with licenses; it is time reminding you that it is its own emotion. It is so mixed in its presence I too have mistaken it for patience, waiting for a situation to be altered when all I had to do was just express my appreciation for the power that weighs in with time to when it has expressed itself through knowledge that is acquired through it and for my well-being. We see it in envy, we see it in greed which all epitomize a "now" mentality, a hunger for not listening to an order ignoring the grace effect - having it all when it is due. In time, all is known and unveiled. We were all given an introduction of this emotion at birth and instead of acclimatizing to it in our growth we looked at it as a source of unleavened happiness and yet still we have the thought of eternity. Then again we could see it as a catalyst to all others we know exist.

Travel within self to know what worth is. Investigate the cause of all you feel and what you want to feel. Maximize the opportunity you have to be extraordinary and in letting others live free from judgment with you. Excel in all you do. T.I.M.E. 

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