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Friday, 19 October 2012

The Affection We Share

It is amazing how you will just lie on my shoulder and speak a world of difference to how I am feeling at that time.  You shed a silent tear and I feel it fall on the path that my soul is walking on, it pauses for a brief moment to evaluate privilege, and in your eyes it is all written.

I get a call from you and instantly, a hologram vision appears and am at a face to face conversation with you, the burden of feeling all forlorn is relinquished in having you in my imaginative power to hold you near.   A greater force is emphasized when I see your eyes in the heavens in the bright shining star sun that add warmth to my knowledge that a being like you did not just fall out of the sky.  You were carved with the greatest of ease because passion is exemplified in your proud walk, knowing you belong to God and no other man, but you give your emotion to me and I too, to you because we share this force that has been bestowed in the name of relation.  I feel that more is said in your silence than I hear in your voice because the coordination of your breath in sighs to your look staring into my hopeful being lets me know that there is more to live for than this day, which in all probability could be my last.

I know that I have a story to tell and in that I feel that you hold the pen that my story is to be written by.  I think of what fragrance the past gives to the present in lessons and scares that are somewhat visible to the public’s eye but in time you have known as though you were there when experience paid a visit to my present state and ran its course in full at the time.  You try to find the words that will possibly speak into the future that we all possess in our imaginations and hopes, in our ambitions which are perceived to be life giving when in actuality it is in this very moment, with you, that it may be possibly be defined.  We two, gathered in the same hope wield a greater power than what inheritance can give to a sole being on this earth. We, gathered in His name, releases the power that broke and defined the difference between night and day, the seas from land and created the very life that we have in Adam.

We tend to forget in our day to day living, that we foster the greatest emotion, or better yet, the greatest source all humanity knows, LOVE.  We see it in a simple action or a more articulate phrasing of words, a piece of artistry or a  simple instrument such as a guitar, stringed with different tunes such as life but working together it makes a harmonious tune we all innately move to.   My expression is futile to what a lifetime is, but I can say I stand in full measure of it when in your hands fine tune the frequency of my heart beat, draw the fine line between liberation and death, to eternity and the silent naught of darkness.

The only conclusion I have for you being this great a part in my life is that we were made of the same hand, so for us being together right now is us just coming home. We share the greatest affection, our creation.

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