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Friday, 7 November 2014

Live How not When

It is a very interesting subject, now that I have given my mind room to stray into the “what if” of this world about myself and others.  I got to thinking about it, because the deeper I went into the thoughts I was having, I realised that the subject was speaking to Character. 

If you and I realise it now, in emotional sobriety for the ability of an objective view, the clearest form that we can understand who we are, and who we are becoming is a manifestation of WHAT is happening now, so WHEN we'll be is really not guaranteed because there is the irrefutable factor called change.  Once we delve into the monumental force that is change, other factors such as space and time, action and reaction come into play and then we find ourselves speaking about circumstance, how we could have and how we actually didn’t do or say something, there is just so much to consider, yet that brings us back to change.

I think we carry such a huge burden in our thoughts of having time or rather the burden came about in us somewhat concluding that we will live another day which could be taken away at any point. I don't want to be misunderstood, in that preparation for tomorrow is wrong, but what is it that you are preparing if it does not benefit your character now? I did not realise it until now, that I have lived under the shadows of many "friends" that the glimpse of popularity that was there was a well constructed feeling by them for them gaining more for themselves. Their NOW was embedded in what I didn't know I had such greatness in, Character.  We all use our habitat to nurture our character, we read books, listen to and attend motivational talks, we sit down with the elders (considered the wise) in hopes that the chain or wheel of past to present, although I would choose to say past in present, is mended. We pick up drips and drabs of elements in everything we surround ourselves with and that still isn’t even half of the work that really goes into how character is built. Something in my surroundings has said that it stops growing at some point or another.  Once again it is seeing what is on the outside, in the social circles we have, somewhere in us growing up we lost the absolute of things working from the inside out and fewer times from the outside in.

My answer to the question of when it stops growing was an unequivocal one, that mine evolving would be stopped by death.  The denotation of this word, character, is described as an “aggregate of features,” so from this we see that it is a forever facet, one that is a thawed.  This, however, is no excuse for hierarchical rule in misuse of power, anywhere.  I am convinced now, that the subconscious judgement we have passed on people about how they act was flawed but in the same breath repetition takes away from evolution.

The truth of our character is in our eyes when someone seeks hope, rising beyond odds in our greatest weakness, finding time to pray when all you can say nothing.

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