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Monday, 6 June 2011


We all tell ourselves every day that we are better than yesterday and all that it brought, but truth of the matter is IT ALL DOESN’T MATTER if our "civil" self, which is the conscious is not settled in the mind (sub conscience), which is who we are.
I am 22 years old and I honestly feel that I have experienced all that mercy and grace can give to me and for my life, in each and every moment life is taken into my body with breath, it is more than emphasized that I am privileged to plenty.  There is still more to be offered which I imagine to be flawless and unexpected for my future which could be defined by this very moment I sit and write, to be sublime and interventional so I may grow and be better not only for myself but for those too I surround myself with.  That, in itself is a gesture given by mankind that goes beyond any physical gift that anyone can offer at any time of need.  Though the monument of help is seen in time of need, the deed is soon forgotten as the emotion of the gesture is relinquished to another trying time.  The two minds we have in one are at a battle that we do not feel but it leaves its remanence on our physical being.  Stress, anxiety, here and there there’s laughter, more stress and anxiety, we can all see it, and we can all feel it.
The delight of every lessoned learned succumbs to these foundation shakers as they pile beyond our building material of positivity, in every moment that is presented as hurt to us to blind us from the virtue that life is, which would not be as it is if we were not individuals.  Differences, perspectives, visions and all, spawn from this very fact, yet in our knowledge of this we still look to ourselves and contradict it in question of why or what you are not.  Life, HERSELF, is given life because of the great hand of the Almighty and our characters are what keep her alive and evolving.  “She could tell me she loves me once in a while you know?”  But we look sternly to that thought that our defining moment is what makes us belong to today, to this very moment that we are, when we are and wherever we are.
“My self-worth is ridiculed by what thoughts I have about how undeserving I am of such a pleasure that is privilege, in whatever form it comes, because it has greater substance in justification of what is happening at that time”…scdunn
At this moment I feel as though I don’t know what it is that I am to think, for myself at that matter.  We make the connection between the conscience and sub conscience when we try to reason with what is happening in our lives at times where we define our challenges as walls and constrictions, we then loose it in the debate we have within and forget that it is as intended by life.  Faced with one right now that wants to add its worth to my character,  I do what I do and take heed of things the way I do because my truth is I NEVER WANT TO LIVE IN WONDER.

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