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Thursday, 14 July 2011

What Sleep Decides

A vision was born the day a decision was made to follow the dream that each and every one of us possess, though we may look at them differently at the end of it all, we all have a place we want to be.  Today, strangely so, my thoughts hovered on the question why do we have dreams, visions, ambitions and so forth.  Are they innately injected into our being when we are born? Are they a lesson all of us learn at the elementary phase of our lives?  Are they a fool’s best hope of escaping insanity so to live amongst all who are “normal?”  Are they a curse from the God of all things GREAT and SMALL, who claimed your life before you were born in his word, which lies as the conditions of you receiving your greatest desire, giving all of mankind a universal proposal that all can understand - Believe?  Are they just another thought that is probably a thought that many before you have had and is not worth the perpetuated brief encounter you have each and every minute it is alive?  Are they worth being measured up to our credential, which keeps on evolving?
“And when he picked up what he would use to speak out, and lay it on a canvass of unique texture, he  remembered:  “My words are not my own,  I have them because I found these lips on a ball point pen and I am inclined to use them because I would die if I were silenced.’”
                                                                                                                                                                                               SC Dunn                               
I had a moment this morning when I met myself again, courtesy of my mirror, which apparently never lies.  “Hello fine sir. I see you’re looking splendid this morning- mind you, I just woke up and I picked up bags from the four hours I had of sleep- have you been working out?  Oh, it must have been the pleasantries of last night’s dinner that evident with the glow of your face or is it that you’ve finally met with the mother of all impossibilities made possible… What I mean dear sir, is that, did you have a pleasant dream last night and I speak not of the one you had in puberty (he says with a silly grin and then a chuckle) oh no, not that one.”  Looking back into my own eyes having heard another voice speaking I answer: “Well, it certainly isn’t that ‘one’ or I would have never wanted to wake up.  The lady I met spoke as though she knew me and she watched me cry.  To every tear that fell on her arms when she held me tight in her bosom she spoke, ‘I know, I feel, I mourn, I understand, I support, I believe, I comfort, I build, I stand, I reassure, I chant, I celebrate, I give, I bare more and I relieve,’ all these words that make feel my existence is of a virtue to my own and others.  The glow that you see on my face is the remanence of her touch which has filled my heart with the acknowledgement of the presence of sleep in my life. Sleep like the other aspects of nature that take course a man’s life also fulfills its task and like a breath of air, for what it brings, this morning I greatly appreciate “
I think that anxiety, mine, is proof of the infinite possibility there is, not only to realize what it is that you want from life, but the fact that it is within your reach, and this is how I know that not only is it a blessing to whisk off into a world that only exists for your benefit, for that brief moment in time, it is a privilege to come close to the immortality that dreams give.

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