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Friday, 9 December 2011


We often relish the opportunity to experience something new; we go head on into that chance unknown with an eager spirit and meek fear.  There, we find all our questions desires fulfilled, we get to experience everything.

There lies a journey within that all of mankind has to take at some point in life.  At that time, the pivotal mark known to us as the crossroads, are realized and that ultimate decision lies in acceptance.  The movement is growth and none of us are willing to go back from which road we come, with insatiable spirits it is innate of all of us to choose any of the three other roads at this crossing.  We are only silenced by the defining voice that is within us that digests all altering decisions to that ONE that is just, the one that will say that you are one within self.

We describe virtue as the true value of patience, the epitome of hearts that have been quieted, hearts that have gone beyond the knowledge of needs, of wants, of imagination far above the metaphysical world.  We accept things based on the knowledge we have of them. We asses our situations we best know how, the evaluation of which plays the verdict to the stimulus that determines that we either accept what is or we do not.  The process is grueling in that within it being itself, a process, detailed information is required for the outcome to be as just to us in reality.

 There is a powerful source within all of us and we all know it as our character.  This character known infinitely well to all of us, is groomed over the years in our lives.  The traits that it is comprised of are essential in its definition of the people we are and somewhere in there, in sobriety, amidst the “products” of character is the key, acceptance.  This does not mean that it is the most important but it stands out above the traits humans’ possess.  It gives room for movement; it is the breath of fresh air when your system has been clogged up with confusion and frustration.  Acceptance stands out on the shore of liberation, we can only board our emotional and progress boat and set sail once we have checked in with it. We have an innate boarding pass that can only be authorized by acceptance on every journey we take.  It is amazing how we can view the sea as far as our eye is privileged  to see and to imagine its depth just as we are able to dream and aspire to make these dreams possible is the mystery, what we should indeed realize is that acceptance is just the beginning.

The things that we are able to change are within our ability to do so, those that we are unable to change have been set apart by the universe, by the source, to promote growth within self in the light of lessons learned.  Acceptance is there to let us know that we are human and we all share the relation of difference.  Evaluate paths, conquer decisions and maximize acceptance.

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