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Friday, 30 December 2011

In The Beginning

Imagine if we had the real calculation of time is, looking past the definition that already exists beyond our knowledge that was passed down and is beyond the knowledge of just what night and day is.

Imagine if we saw night and day as the same thing, with the illusion being in the perception of that which was foregathered for us by passed generations, the difference being what we do in between the two.  Who could imagine a gift, a favor far beyond what we already know because of what we were taught, which is by experience, the hard times, the lessons by and from others and what we learn innately because of curiosity.  In my view, none can do this as it is the mystery that is bestowed upon us by the mystery and fate we all consider, that governs enlightenment in us in the view of miracles, the beauty of us evolving and knowing more, the beauty of discovery.

We try look at ourselves in a daily, in a perception that is not found in and about our conscience, but daily we make the effort to do so diligently like the result is monetary or tangible.  We find difference, more than we are privileged to and that is the point where that we are only human comes into play.  We are eluded into thinking that we can do much more than we are already are which is above than that which we are told we are and somewhere we heard that we are everything.  A true contradiction.  It is because of this illusion that we “try” that becomes the effect, thus the existence of effort in itself.  Then we hear of such sayings that “if at first you don’t succeed you dust yourself off and try again” why can’t it be said that if at first you don’t succeed, dust off nothing but change the entire outfit.

My question is; when does the trying really end?  When does it become an act that is just like breathing, an act that was determined before we elaborated on what time is and what time can do for us!  When does trying be what we are, a force that can give us more than what science can explain.  Think about the wind that whispers with its flit on the surface of the earth, no matter what other external factors exist, in the effect of biological change externally and within; you will no doubt feel it.  We are like the wind and God in us is like the wind that calling to our faintest desires in earth’s quiet murmur.

The fact that we do not know some things gives our minds the privilege to acquire more knowledge.  The inquisition that is paid as a question and the satisfaction that is in those thoughts well assimilated is the result of triumph.  Triumph in mind, triumph in heart, triumph in spirit and a triumph in reality. This is my beginning of the knowledge of time.  

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