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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Perception does not define Me

You look at me with eyes that have stared at many faces and looked down many roads that are less travelled by self.  What amazes me is that you are not looking inside me to relate.

In all our lives there comes a time when a specific kind of people will invest their time into our lives, in the hope that growth in all aspects will resonate because of their presence. Then there are those people whose presence lets us inevitably grow.  There are those in my life , that have made me grow to prove a point, for example, my Primary School soccer coach who said I would not make it to grade 10 and if I did I would be a father.  I made it to grade 10 accompanied by my virginity and there I came to find my Biology teacher.  She thought that I would not be anything in matric let along pass that year... Well, I became Deputy Head Boy of the school and I passed my matric. I had proven a point to both these individuals but did it really mean anything?

There is an inevitable act that we humans exhibit, even when we do not intentionally mean to do so, in our words or our actions, it still happens.  We let people in our lives without even knowing it.  We give them the “privilege” to speak into and about our lives.  People share their experiences in the light that you will relate and learn; sometimes they give their perception to us in the hope or rather their certainty that what they say is the solution, the probable result being you having no say in conclusion.  It is of our knowledge that our parents want the best for any of and of us, but some parents have thought that what they could have been should be lived out in their children. That perception in itself proposes that some children are unable to make their own choices or decisions in what visions and goals they might aspire to.  A possible revolutionary is ceased before it could even take heed of its cause. In saying this I dare not question any parenting skills, what I will question is the subconscious mind of inadequacy instilled in children by some parents with their perceptions.

We spend a lot of time too with our friends and go through similar circumstances because of us being friends of almost similar character traits.  The relation in our experiences counts for the similarities but if we had to draw it down to being individuals, which is our cry in every view of self-worth, our relation becomes null and void.  There are ±7 billion people in the world which means that there are ±7 billion perceptions, all of which do not define me. I just wanted to share my perception in the billions that exist.

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