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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Good Joy

If I had not seen it myself, I would say that I do not know the spirit of man.  Willing and unknowing, loving and deceitful, brave and treads with caution emotionally and spiritually

The joy of living is discovered in living itself, what concludes the difference in the kind of joy, if joy can be separated, or that we even feel the joy at all lies in the perception we carry as individuals.  My moment of light in this discovery was when I saw two men praying for the stall that they operate their business from, this morning.  This moment injected an immediate jubilation within.  The word amazing does not even begin to describe it

My joy is translated as an overwhelming feeling that I have, it is one that I would love to keep.  There are certain mechanics, I believe, that take place when it comes to the fusion of the day (what it offers and all that it is comprised of in opportunity) and oneself (your character).  There are moods that are born at the breaking of day as morning presents the opportunity spoken off by all parents, then there is a thought that I, as an individual, take and convert into a choice and once it is well digested and solidified within, it is soon known as my decision.  The night only takes away what it does not own, the day, which relinquishes its light for our rest. I understand this more and more each day, with the emotion above which cements the construction of our well-being.

My patients for tomorrow is as thick as an oak tree, who’s worth is only known once its cut down to view the rings inside, tried and tested. The plantation around it, the animals that find shelter under it know this too.  The circle of life is viewed as a repetitive change, an evolving surprise, the awe inspiring act of God’s hand. Joy is an opportunity to embrace life; it is equally distributed through all mankind. Joy simplifies our smile and all other expression given by emotion.  We then grow older or rather we mature to grades of life that are invested in profundity.  The outlook of life is suddenly drawn down to reflection as each day is spent embarking on trails that are written off by age. 

The reflection of our emotion that is seen in our countenance plays the shovel that is used by our meditation to renew our paths.  We understand that there is no going back, but there embrace, the pure bliss that is on that road that has brought us to where we are, is our joy for what life we have lived.  Eternity is the joy we have within, now, that keeps us going.  Joy is the perception that almost all of man has about death defied in life beyond the grave.

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