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Monday, 6 February 2012

My Dream Last Night

A high tide of emotion surfaced on the shores of my imagination and when I rose in sleep, there you were ready to embrace me.

The lush scent emanating from your presence that now was resting on my nostrils gave rise to all my senses as you drew closer and closer to me.  In a moment, it became hard for my being to find my spirit slightly higher than the order of life, it felt like I lived in the actual Spirit and I floated in every breath elevating me at that moment. It was all together and then you touched me and I felt like a demigod.  When our lips touched, it was an injection beyond what ecstasy could define, a new emotion called YOU was born and what it did was inspire the wonder in my limbs, to move, thus the journey began with my hands uncovering your body to try and find the secrete of enamor that lies inside. The excavation of the clothing seemed to long a process because I had already felt the supple texture of your skin. Smooth and rich with contours seeding the urge for adventure, well moulded, your hips and thighs resting well below the hour glass shape of your waist line where your full figure lies, is the perfect division between pleasure and crossing over and a reality unknown.  All over my hands were found with no reason to be retained, they remain on you paralysed of being tamed by my mind.

I fell deeper and deeper into sleep when I got to that moment that would surely make me lie in my bed just a little bit longer and grow fonder of liberation. It got to the point of me being inside of you and you a part of me, see, you are gentle and poised in your actions, your tone so calming with your facial expressions letting me know that I am doing everything right.  At the times that I could manage to open my eyes, I would find you looking, wishing simultaneously with me that this moment would be prolonged. I shut them tight at a moment to regain the consciousness of my own reali-dream, I could not help my curiosity as I opened them again because I could not believe that I felt so good.  Again and again as the shutting and opening of my soul’s windows became reflex to the moment, there stood fantasy with its appeal to be a part of this wonder, I faced it baffled in awe of this creation that I am a monument to, true really became the apparent.

I opened my eyes and this time round I found myself staring at my ceiling, alone and in love.

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