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Sunday, 12 February 2012

What is it About Great Men

Have you ever wondered what thoughts probe the minds the minds of “great” men.  I personally wonder if they are all thinking in one absolute frame of mind, or if they are of one absolute state of consciousness.  I wonder if they are in a league where they are the only people that were given and elevated sub conscious.

We all know the Legends, in leadership, in music, in sports, in politics and in education, the list could go on if we started naming them all, from those that were and those that still are.  There is a saying that I am sure we have all come across; “great men are not made they are born”  and I am too certain that not all of us have believed this. In this, the question of a possible catalyst to being so great a man comes about: what is the driving force that these men have, what is it that helped them realise on that one God given morning and infinitely know that whatever path they are on was guaranteed to be the one that would change everything about their future and ours and the very fabric that time is woven.

I look at some of these men and I, with no doubt, know that the greatness they have or that they aspired, was from the era in which they existed, the people in which they spent their time with, exceptional in their view,  and the adversities which occurred within their existence pre and post their greatness evolved.  I reckon, from this, that change or progress itself is inspired by the suppression of being stagnant, a frustration of seeing and feeling the thing day in and day out.  I reflect to the awe that was and is conceived from the honour that these men have had in serving,  the cunningness or wit in which they looked at challenges that made them see all of them as minor hurdles to what victory lies ahead, the people that stood in the way of things happening for them must have been considered as stepping stones. To those that have fallen, if their presence is resounds now in our age in time, they must have had an overwhelming persistence to living free, a persevering grit that shouted “FORWARD EVER AND BACKWARDS NEVER.”  I cannot help thinking sometimes that all of these people will be forgotten in the generations to follow, my hope is now in the history books written that will paint the pictures of men that had a spirit that stood just in its cause.

In all the thinking that I do, I also think that the men that had to assume the roles of mothers when the family rock was claimed back into the bosom of the earth, should also be called Legends.  I strongly believe that when genetics set apart men and woman, another force was at work to set apart the order of  great men, including them that are not published about in the books of history.  I look in the mirror every morning  and the thought  of greatness surges my mind in every obtainable and imaginable way to my life.  I look in the mirror and I know that one good day, when great men are spoken about, my name will come up.

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