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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I heard a familiar sound this morning that woke me up and told to live.  It is a sound taken for granted yet it resounds in every ear when heads are laid to rest.   My heart... beat said Good Morning.

Great day salvation shouts from kicking off sheets from my bed and shiver at the nights whispering cold linger in my room and all and all around the house.  I’m thinking, “day, please don’t remind me of last night because today seems to have found delight in my face, the sun shines deep into my eyes reflecting the soul I had forgotten but regained in faith its resurrecting. It reflects my being beyond the image mirrored by my shadow an presents in people’s lives.  This morning, the universe has found me worthy of this breath in my lungs, the exhalation casts out the sigh of guilt and murmur that put me to bed last night.  The yearnings of resolutions, found in prayer are the morning’s theme to ululate salvation to broken and torn hearts.  This thought has a thought within itself that needs expression given when I have ceased to think.  This conversation between the two is long, I hear you, dear mind; feel bound by the spirit impoverished exchange of futile words that have fertilized all the actions that may spawn disaster upon a human’s life.  A deep pound to flush out is the leap you tell the heart to feel.  Come alive, dear mind, it is your time to do the thinking.”

That familiar sound now surges the entire, it now, resounds the call of life through and for all mankind and it starts within.  We seldom understand what “within” means when the epiphany comes from an external factor which is supposed to be a catalyst to the realization in self which makes finding the “within” the monumental venture that we all ought to be enlightened about. In saying this, I realize that the term “within” is a broad factor in the discovery of everything.  Who we are and what we are, where we are from and where we’re going, these all become relevant after what we consider is within is known.  The journey bleeds us dry in visions and efforts that are not always triumphant, we substitute doubt with persistence and we are still drained in the middle of it all, yet still, the road remains open for us all to travel.  Somewhere there, turmoil runs its path in pot holes and death defining curves but there still lies a solution within that road.  We may not see it there and then in the experience and in the midst of it all, we are quieted and that is when and how, we can hear within.

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