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Monday, 16 July 2012


When I claimed my throne in time, I did not know that it came with the privilege of having a gift that is beyond understanding…. Which you are, my queen… My existence just as pure as it is, has said what a glory it is to have you let alone what Glory it is for me to be given to the maker, who has made you for me.

The veins that have stringed out the very voice of your words on paper are the very source that have inked the power that will free the void of words expressed in ecstasy to you from my very lips, dear Queen, my humility is brought about by your being in this world that I see not worthy of you walking it.  Scripture has spoken of great men but I feel that it has left me out for how you have made me feel and be for and about this world.  My Queen, what you feel is at the very essence of the God essence that was given to all man but has been lost by humanity, that has found me looking as just another man, but dear queen, I beg you, take another look…  My Queen, I feel that the deepest of yearnings has not been expressed if it be not expressed for the kingdom of heaven unless it be of your name and all that you are. See… My Queen, you have made me know that heaven exists because of who and what you are on this earth.  An Abyss had not been expressed until a void was felt and that is when a world without your existence was thought of, so dear Queen know that when I speak of a hollow it is not a passing shadow of a man living without in his world but it is of a King’s stature without a Queen.

If you would realize that the choices I make in my present have you at the forefront, at the core of every possible venture. I realize too that the reason the independent woman movement was formed was because of your innate sense of submission misused, taken advantage of and not given the gratitude that humility is preserved by your hands that serve me food night after night. Oh my noble Queen, I see my dreams drawn by the very fiber of your prayers, the mechanisms of support are created just by your very belief even in the things that I cannot see for my own life but you, through the covenant we are and have committed to God, know and stay steadfast in... These are what I know ambition to be and as futile as words are to miracles I am to this world without the blessing that you are. Now Queen, I want you to understand that for a structure to stand tall or to just stand for that matter, it needs a foundation which is God, a master planner who are the angels that watch our day to day and a precision builder which is what you are. Standing firm, my household is furnished with spiritual gifts and that is why the rock on your finger is the vessel to your heart, which anatomy could not find before I found you or rather before we stood on Gods palm as just a thought.

When words have shied away from utterance you know to look to my expression to find the meaning of my haphazard nature that looms upon my every action when you are around. The pain that you feel in your monthly cycle is what should let you know that you were made better than me and yet still you embrace the power God exempts to make me king.  From that pain it is epitomized how much work is done to mould the mirror that you Queens reflect in mere men, that you Queens bare into Glory. You were known in Jeremiah, before you were formulated in your mother’s womb and I stand now, small as your belly button but within you to say that life cannot be created without you.

You were my friend before you are my love, my mother before my sister, earths niece before you became my daughter for me to take care of.  My queen, you knew knowledge’s true form before i discovered what wisdom can be bestowed by the heavens to us whom the virtue of prosperity is privileged, we are made kings before we are made legends.  If I have never told you that I love you forget my words and have my heart because my Queen, I am alive because of God and you, your king… dunn

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  1. And such honour in being a queen...ordained by God and chosen by you. Let love reign in this majesty,let it cry out in screams and let it kiss like a feather that falls gently to the water. We know the storm and we now the peace that is carried on a harp string. For i am yours and you are mine and God is the epicentre...that is it.