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Monday, 3 September 2012

Child Like

My greatest expression is crying. My tears are a sign of my hurt, they are a sign of compassion and they are too a sign of my happiness, my Joy. If your senses are sharp, you will realise all these facets before my words are formulated. I am a child.

I look around and it seems as though everything is seen for the very first time. My mothers beautiful smile, the sky and how it can have beautiful pictures and how no one really knows the painter yet we are connected with Him. If my mind is worthy of thinking, I think that for how tender my curiosity is, every sentence begins with Lord and my final word in conclusion is Amen. Yes, when I look around I am seeing the assembly line of Gods manufacturing line, how you are a model that came before me and how both of us are predestined to a task. You know what yours is or what it should be because you are at least attuned to what expression is and I, once again say, all I have is a loud cry and a pure look into your eyes... I only wish you could feel what I feel when I am fed.

There are times my hair is knotted with what you think is pretty, mother, while I experience my first endeavour of  bondage. I free myself in an irritable spirit, dressed in hugging cloths which are a waste of money I believe. Give me two weeks and I'll be bigger,["sigh"] I could be bare for all I care because before my dispatch, Gabriel told me I am worth much more than how I look and by His mighty hand I have effected change by being in my mothers womb. I know more than you do because wisdom is raw in my being but God will not let you see it because I need nurturing to help diversity into understanding that there is one source, the very one that has allowed you the will to have freedom and liberation in insight...

I m a child, and all I have to my life is instinct.

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