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Thursday, 2 August 2012


There are moments in history that have seen the most rich soil, the deepest of valleys and the most storing wells dried up at an unexpected hour.  We ask ourselves when this has happened, outside of biology, how is it that some “trees” remain or rather how do some people retain their formidability in the harshest of times.

This part of me spawns from a surface that is not defined as fertile or dry; it spawns from one that radiates what all of earth’s raw materials have been formulated from. This is that one core strand that our very DNA as humans was created in Adam then extracted as though branch broken to make another of his form we know as Eve. This part of me is carved with the tiniest of effort as though it were a tree listening to potter grains of sand. Perfectly humbled, no matter how tall it stands it still stays where it were groomed and that is why as humans we innately come back to God.  There are some factors that come about that see this tree stripped of its Glory, by seasons and man, it may be cut to make a platform for all these words expressed in paper or to fuel a furnace from winters harsh heart or just for the sake of building something.  I cannot forget that this comes from somewhere, it has a root, thus grows once again.

What is cause if a vision had never been created?  In the way that I see it, for ones cause to be known a vision has to exist and the fundamentals to having a vision are to have a starting point, a destination and a reflection and a strong realization that there is always movement and it isn’t always in the forward direction.  There is a concept that has eluded almost all of us that I would like to share; it is called the “Ever Concept.”  What this concept simply promotes is a perpetuated formula or result in all that we do or rather feel.  An example I can pull up is your name, you were there but had no choice in what it would have been and now each of us where it as though we were the fore fathers that initiated the branding of our faces. As long as you live and long after you’re gone it is there, in the words “he will be remembered forEVER. Take another word for instance, nEVER, still says that it is perpetuated, it will not come to pass, whatEVER it is.  What has brought me to my knees in prayer and humility is EVERgreen.

The power I have seen in just the simple tree that stays like that throughout the year, has made me think of all that we have been promised by God or by whatever we believe in.  The fact of the matter is that there is a source, for EVERyone.  I might find mine in the scriptures that were written anciently, some might find it in the Universe, it is EVERywhere, and it sure is for everyone.  In some strange way I found nature sending a plea for me to look at things in this way: stay in your EVER moment, prolong happiness, prolong the good that is left in others by your presence.

We all possess a power that can part seas, that power is thought and often it is heard in speech.  We possess an even greater power and harness its depth without the knowledge of us doing so, seeing and believing, in the human eye and now in faith.  Let your nature in positivity remain EVERGREEN.

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