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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My 67th Minute Thought

At the 67th min I thought...

We often forget the fundamentals of the co-ordination of life, yes, life in its fullest potential.  Our joys are found in a vast and diverse digestions of circumstances, trials and opportunities.  One that has been given prominence to in the week that we are in, is the power of giving.  Whether it is giving to, or giving back.

We have been given a name to do it in but, I will implore you, I wish to appeal to the senses that come innate to our being and found wanting to our conditioning, which we, in our generation have fallen into.  Before we all give in the 67 min, we should ask ourselves what mercy and what grace we find ourselves in, sitting at our desks with means to eat and with means of shelter.  The hand of fate could have dealt a different hand to us but it is possible that it was a fourth father prayer that we have substance today.  The appeal, in no way, means to play fiddle to your emotions or manipulate your senses thereof to do something on this day or with this time but it is merely a question...  Do you or don’t you.

 I am convinced that we all spawn from a God seed, one that is never ending and never drying.  We spawn from a universal power that the greatest of men have paid account to and yet still never understood.  We hail as descendants of  a mightier will, than that which brings the sun out in the morning and  keeps the days in their course.  It is because of this that I too think, that this time, for this day, at that hour, is given as a derivative of one man’s fight to liberate and to instil virtue into barren minds... What I want you to see is that it has been and is in all of us. In some it is greatly accentuated, because of a Blessing that s bestowed on them by that Great Power.

I believe that a greater good was done when the weaving of this day took 27 years to be realized, an even greater one for generations to come to be emphasized. I believe the word legacy should have been threaded or rather changed to Nelson Mandela

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