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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Growing Up

In an observation of the possibility of being lost in the translation of adulthood as a young adult, I have discovered that the reception of peers could lead to my demise. We are served with ambiguous possibilities, the probability of which is not well aligned with our dreams or aspirations.

We spend time with people and spend time in circles we never imagined we would pay reference to, in jest information we're not conscious of at the time and out of cognition we assimilate thoughts that make us feel that we belong. My question though is my own worth in this. Our character, however, I have found is always the bit that makes us well suited or not in our reception and reaction to all of this. So then, what do we learn in our daily lives that allows us to grow? The falsified yet so, so true representation of depth and genuine facades are relations of our own emotion, in the theories that what we are we attract through the universe. This means that with my "friend" that is older, the assumption is made that maturity descends in conversation, or better yet the ascension of mental capability on my end in correspondence of the relation at hand.

We then spend time with our being, other known as self, cradled by conscience and subconscious and enlightenment embedded in thoughts comes about. We realign perceptions and views we best know how and we nurture our own growth with reference from external factors, that are somewhat a pivotal contribution to our conclusion as choice. In all of us resides a favor that is not tangible, formidable in its presence, audible in its mark, irrefutable in its Glory.

I cannot deny this, I cannot run from this growing up, is what it is.

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