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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Before my Vow

Standing solute in the concoction that love is considered to brew, to many that take the journey only a few find rest in the infinite conclusion that forever has its foundation claiming two hearts.  This is no dream, it is God’s weaving power and in you I have found my material that only He can sow.

The depths that my subconscious, who’s only preparing now, has found an unknown source that only faith can inspire, is found in a reflection clich├ęd by today’s generation.  Yes, I speak of looking into your eyes.  My every thought comes as your countenances , your neurological charges are found in my smile.  The pairing of words I find bestowed to our tongues has LOVE recreated by the Glory of my awakening in YOU.  I said it, I love you.

Ideas of when we wed seem farfetched when my mirror projects more of a riddle than it does a reflection, you.  In total contrast I would have never known about discovery if i stayed unbelieving that you mirror the virtue within.  The centre that gravity is found in, is the point of return when all emotion has flown all over like tempests flaring over seas calmed only by the turn of the atmospheric pressure. Your certainty draws me closer to sanity.

The wonder called paradise is a island that the honeymoon will offer for only just a tease, I dare note maroon any of my senses because forever is more than just a fiddle of chance.  Found closing my eyes, beneath my eyelids is an inscription to help harness my dreams, which well groomed they form my imaginings who take nothing less than being a reality.  Hearts as one’s proprietary rights are held by my vow, every night I see it.  The inscription reads: “I will honour you.”

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