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Thursday, 27 March 2014


My mind strays, wavering over ideas of "if." Where will I find council with your eyes offering more than just adventure, a little paradise with a refuge for a searching mind. In the ebb of the tides that pulls me away from the shores of your presence, your calling voice pierces through the sonorous roar of oceans calm, angels are at your call... 

Nations could describe the space in between your nose and chin as a smile, but given a whole new spectrum it would be how countenance inspired euphoria to beam from faces to hearts.  The ease of  its protrusion from a beauty offered shine, sits well inside and that is still not its end, because who can know the depth of thought when we lose so, so much in the nano seconds that the processing of single thoughts offers.  If, by some fiat, could control this process we would take only words from the present and what is offered for a possible future.  If we knew why time was dedicated to its cause outside of its effects, we would want control over it all and in so doing, eliminate the element of surprise, in all its virtue, we would miss the weakening of knees that the pound of hearts causes when we fall in love.   We would miss out on the opening of pours all over our body, offering goose bumps, to that chill of fear or flight to what is presented in fright and awe.  What more if we miss out on tears that cloak our hurt in its release from our systems or miss out on the other side of it which atonement, joy and overwhelming peace.  We could miss out on laughter which is one of the greatest heart offerings that wants nothing less from your body but breath, a little sound and a sigh right after, its simplicity is enough.  All of this is your voice, believe it or not. In sound or in silence I hear it in your eyes when you stand a far.

If I were deprived of all my senses, only heaven would offer messages to ensure the propulsion of life in me and with just who you are, heaven has called with a greater voice than I had imagined.  If I knew nothing and if heaven was not, then humanities entire existence would have not come to life, because in Generations, a mans Lifetime, has awaited your presence and it is only by Grace and Mercy that I came to contact with God’s light.

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